About Through The Dark

Through The Dark Clothing was Established in 2019,
 We are proud of our products and hope you are when you're stepping out in them!
We understand the ever growing pressures of society and social media put on us, that's why we've made it our aim to provide the freshest looks at a great price, whilst giving that little bit back. We are proud to announce that 5% of all sales will be donated to Mind, the mental health charity.
 If you want to know more, check out our social media pages at the bottom of this page and if you're still eager to find out more then drop us a message.
If you need support or information on any mental health issues, or know someone that does head over to www.mind.org.uk
Through The Dark....
 We are encased in darkness, but we still have that will to fight,
during the toughest periods of what seems like no light,
is truly when we notice the stars that are bright...
 We are strong...
 Every day we show how we fight and how we find that flame,
no matter how long the hard times are or how they came
in each step we show this, we're all the same
 We remain fresh...
 What we know is like our resilience and that'll we will have hope,
that our style is important, we are dope,
it breathes confidence and a way to cope